Desirability Scores
  • Desirability Score, in a nutshell, is a score caculated on a property, based on various factors on the property and the profile of the individual using our system.
  • The current version uses a default profile that is common to all individuals.
  • We plan to refine our scores based on the profile of the individual that is logged in, in the near future.
  • In general, desirablity scores are like ©FICO credit scores for individuals, but with some differences.
  • A highly complex math goes into calculating these scores and we take pride in what we do.
Here's a table showing these differences:
©FICO Scores Desirability Scores
These scores are for individuals These scores are for real properties
An individual's ©FICO score does not vary between users using it. A property's Desirability Score could vary between users using it.
Challenge Us
Do you think a desirability score we calculated on a particular property is not accurate?

If so, please let us know why you think our score was not accurate, with enough information on the said property.

We will be more than happy to revisit our calculations on the said property and let you know.
Factors affecting Desirability Score For Investors

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